Ballistic Range, Weapons Systems and Materials Testing

Radnor, an independent and MoD approved test house and DSTL approved trials range, offers the ability to test any calibre or projectile up to and including 40mm at any range from 1m out to 2,500m on the same site. A highly qualified team is able to perform trials simultaneously, reducing development time and enhancing risk reduction.

The facilities include, amongst others

  • A 25m indoor range, firing from 1m out to 20mm
  • Rugged and multi-purpose target table
  • Dust extraction system for ceramic targets

Examples of test materials:

  • Armour and ceramic panels
  • Shields and Body armour
  • Doors and glass panes
  • Vehicle components

Testing services include:

  • Testing and evaluation of weapons, munitions, armour and ordnance
  • Data analysis and purpose configured test reports suitable for direct submission to sentencing authority where appropriate

Examples of ballistic test protocols:

  • STANAG 2920: Ballistic test method for personal armour materials and combat clothing
  • STANAG 4569: Protection levels for occupants of light armoured vehicles
  • EN1522 and EN1523 Test and classification of bullet resistance for windows, doors, shutters and blinds
  • EN1063 Glass in building – Security glazing – Testing and classification of resistance against bullet attack
  • AEP-55 Levels 1-4: Procedures for evaluating the protection levels of logistic and light armoured vehicles for KE and artillery threats
  • Mil-Std-662F: V50 Ballistic test for armour
  • NIJ 0101.06: Ballistic resistance of body armour
  • NIJ 0108.01: Ballistic resistance protective materials
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