Situated within a steep valley on the Welsh Border, Radnor Range Ltd has facilities to carry out a wide variety of static and dynamic munitions trials, complex Insensitive Munitions (IM) tests and explosive characterisation.

  • 5km long range testing up to 40mm projectiles and aerial countermeasures
  • 25m Drop Surface and 12m Drop Tower
  • Indoor 25m ballistic test facility, with a target bay accommodating targets up to 4m x 6m in size, allows the ballistic testing of the full range of calibres, including Fragment Simulating Projectile (FSP)
  • Arena testing of explosives with a maximum NEQ of 75kg HD1 in a single event is conducted in a valley area of approximately 200 x 50m where the test bays and rigs can be configured to individual requirements
  • Complete range of barrels, universal mounts, weapon rests and ammunition including Armour Piercing and Armour Piercing Incendiary (BZ and B32)
  • Covered work area available for on-site vehicle repair
  • Dedicated re-loading facilities
  • Large arena with a concrete test pad for side blast and fragmentation trials or we can conduct mine blast trials utilising specified aggregates in purpose made pits. Our calibrated instrumentation enables the capture of vehicle acceleration data, blast over-pressure and utilising full-scale Anthropomorphic Test Device (ATD) as “Crash Test Dummies”
  • Temperature conditioning of munitions and armour products between -54oC and +71o
  • Licensed facility permits manufacture, storage, breakdown and assembly of munitions
  • Optical and Doppler radar velocity measurement instrumentation and high speed video facilities
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