Explosive Composition

Radnor is able to carry out the large scale tests necessary to qualify an explosive composition for military use (as defined in AOP7 and STANAG 4170). These include fragment Impact and Tube Tests.

Fragment Impact:

Our fragment attack facility has the capability to fire the STANAG and EMTAP steel fragments at velocities of up to 2,500m/s to assess armour plate to STANAG 4569, explosive compositions to EMTAP Test No. 36 and ammunition items to STANAG 4496. For armour plate testing, Fragment Simulating Projectiles (FSPs) to MIL-P 46593 may be used in place of STANAG fragments. For Insensitive Munition  (IM) testing, the trials are instrumented with blast overpressure and high-speed camera recording.

Gap Tests:

We can measure the sensitiveness of an explosive composition via the Gap Test according to UN, STANAG or EMTAP test protocols.

Tube Tests:

Tube tests and sealed vessel tests can be carried out to EMTAP or STANAG Test protocols.

Sensitivity to Electrostatic Discharge

Radnor can assess kilogram quantities of explosive for sensitiveness to electrostatic discharge. Sparks with energies in excess of 15 Joules at 30 kilovolts potential can be discharged through a sample remotely in accordance with STANAG 4490.

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