Unmanned Air Systems (UAS)

Radnor Range Limited provides a discreet and secure safe space for the Test & Evaluation (T&E) of drones and Unmanned Air Systems (UAS).  The terrain offers a varied flying environment with different altitudes and branching valleys.  Radnor is an accredited T&E facility and provides services to government and commercial organisations for the defence, security, police, transportation and civil sectors.

We are available for a variety of drone and counter-drone activities, for example flying, detection, tracking, jamming, counter-measures, active and passive sensors, cameras, weaponisation, flying training, search, EOD/IED and product delivery. The flying environment at Radnor would support single or multiple drones to test teaming and swarming systems.  Radnor is a member of the ADS Drone Platform and Counter-Drone (DPAC) Special Interest Group [www.adsgroup.org.uk – DPAC SIG] and we work closely with the UK MOD Unmanned Air Systems Capability Development Centre (UAS CDC) [www.uascdc.com].

Whether your company’s flying system is multi-rotor, fixed wing, balloon or other aerial vehicle we offer a discreet and secure location to test your product in a controlled environment or demonstrate to UK and international customers.

Radnor Offers

The valley at Radnor is approximately 3km long by 2.5km wide with elevations of 350m and we have a 500ft Above Ground Level (AGL) permanent air danger height in place that can be increased with a Notice to Airmen (NOTAM). There is an in-range direct Line of Sight (LOS) out to 2000m.  We can provide classroom facilities, general vehicle and machine storage, secure bunker storage and workshops. Public access is prohibited. Radnor’s core offering is:

  • A safe place for drone and counter-drone flying operations in an accredited T&E environment with self-contained infrastructure and full logistical support to deployed teams
  • A bespoke Safety Case for one-off or multiple trials with a dedicated template and flying envelope with the provision of maps, images and CAD digital mapping data for trial planning
  • R&D and prototyping laboratories within a HSE Explosive Manufacturing & Storage Licenced facility
  • Provision of targets or dummies with specialist sensors or emissions e.g. heat sources and visual spotters if required

Working with Customers

Radnor will work with companies to develop the necessary Safety Case for the conduct of the trial. Some trials will be relatively straightforward and others will need to work through the necessary flight approvals and/or licence permissions with third party organisations.

Each trial is addressed on its own merits to enable safe conduct of flight operations through appropriate and proportionate review. Working with you, we will need to consider for example: appropriate compliance with CAP 722; operator insurance and competency; UAS failsafe modes; OFCOM licence; jamming application and approvals. We will work with you to develop the appropriate Radnor Range Safety Case for your trial.

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