Radnor has the following licenses and accreditations:

  • Health & Safety explosive manufacturing and storage licence with a maximum NEQ of 75kg HT1
  • BS EN ISO 9001:2015
  • BS EN ISO 14001:2015
  • UKAS 17025:2017
  • UK MoD Defence Ordnance Safety Group (DOSG) approved independent test house
  • Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL) approved range facility
  • Member of the hazard test working group chaired by DOSG
  • MoD UK approved range for Live Fire and Tactical Training (LFTT) and demolition training
  • Radnor is an approved UK MoD supplier (FATS5)

ISO 9001

Ensuring working methods, people, infrastructure and systems are of the highest quality.

To confront the challenges of operating in an increasingly complex, competitive and demanding commercial environment organisations should strive to clarify, unify and streamline a system of working that achieves this. It is ISO 9001 that provides the platform for this and ensures effective planning, execution and verification.

This accreditation highlights Radnor Range’s commitment to managing quality – through our working methods and processes and by ensuring that our people are trained, qualified and competent. It also confirms that continual improvement is important to us – this is monitored and measured and although we don’t like to think that anything might go wrong we have a system in place to deal with it if it does. Overall, ISO 9001 accreditation shows that there is a focused, ordered and systematic approach to business.

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ISO 14001

Helping to operate in a more cost-efficient and environmentally responsible manner.

By using an environmental management system (EMS) certified to ISO 14001 an organisation can effectively manage its impacts, including those which it can control and influence, while also comply with relevant environmental legislation.

Operating a certified ISO 14001 management system provides Radnor Range with numerous benefits including compliance with legislative and other requirements, demonstrating that policy commitments are being fulfilled and improved upon against specific targets and better management of environmental risk. All of this leads to continual improvement which enhances performance and therefore results in cost reductions.

There is also the increased credibility that comes from independent assessment which in turn provides a competitive edge over non-certified businesses.

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UKAS 17025 Testing Laboratory Accreditation Certificate

Endorsing technical competence and the ability to supply accurate and reliable data.

The role of UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) is to assess, against internationally recognised standards, organisations that provide testing services. These assessments involve evaluating factors relevant to an organisation’s ability to produce precise, accurate tests and data.

Holding this accreditation is crucial to Radnor Range maintaining our proud reputation as a responsible, professional and competent organisation.

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UKAS 17025 Testing Laboratory Schedule of Accreditation

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Cyber Essentials Plus

Demonstrating the implementation of the most important cyber security controls.

The Cyber Essentials scheme is a world-leading, cost-effective assurance mechanism for companies of all sizes to demonstrate that the most important cyber security controls have been implemented. It provides five security controls that, according to the UK government, could prevent “around 80% of cyber attacks”.

In addition to avoiding these attacks, by correctly implementing cyber security Radnor Range has the additional advantage of driving business efficiency throughout the organisation, saving money and improving productivity.

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JOSCAR Registered

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