Energetic Material Analysis

TA Instruments DSC25 – Measures temperature and heat flows associated with thermal transitions in a material. Used in the analysis of energetic samples as well as limited compatibility studies

TA Instruments DMA850 – Measures the mechanical properties of materials as a function of time, temperature and frequency. Used in the analysis of energetic samples for mechanical properties

TA Instruments TGA5500 – Thermo Gravimetric Analysis – an analytical technique used to determine a material’s thermal stability. Weight change of each component is monitored as it volatilizes or decomposes under controlled conditions of temperature, time and atmosphere.

Malvern Mastersizer 3000 – Particle size analysis

Keyence – VHX 7000 – Digital microscope, X3500 magnification

Anton Paar 302E – Cone and plate rheometer, used for end of mix viscosity and binder cure studies. Measures the way a fluid responds to applied shear or stress

Thermofisher Nicolet IS50 – TGA module available for decomposition product studies

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